MiddSouth Innovates #6

Ah, the February issue of MiddSouth Innovates (Issue #6) was so much fun to write. I got to talk with Mrs. Fischer’s Art class about their creative urban planning project created by upcycling materials. I was fascinated by how creative the students were and they innovative ways they used the materials. There was even a section that had working solar panels that powered LEDs. I also found some great resources related to reflective practices for students, something that I feel we don’t do enough of in school.

MiddSouth Innovates 6


MiddSouth Innovates #5

One of the best aspects of my job is getting to talk to teachers about the amazing things their students are doing in class. The Teachers always get excited as they share the students’ work because they are so proud of how innovative the students have been. This is exactly what happened when I talked to Mrs. Bach about her MP1 projects. She pulled out a bunch of projects for me to look at and had a hard time organizing them because they were all so good for different reasons. The podcasts and cell cities were particularly impressive. In this issue you will also find a great alternative to Grammarly called ProWriting Aid.

MiddSouth Innovates 5

MiddSouth Innovates Issue #4

So my previous post says it all. The amount of awesomeness that happens in the classrooms around me is mind boggling. I got totally overwhelmed in November and December, and fell behind in writing my MiddSouth Innovates. As always, please remember to check out our #middsouthinnovates hashtag as well as our newly created #middsouthshines. MiddSouth Shines will showcase creative and innovative student work including interviews of the students explaining their learning and creation process. This site will cover as many areas as possible including, but not limited to film, art, poetry, journalism, Science, Business, and Foreign Language. While that will be up and running soon, please enjoy the latest issue of MiddSouth Innovates.

MiddSouth Innovates 4

MiddSouth Innovates #3 2018-2019

Can’t keep up with the blog because I am struggling to keep up with all the awesomeness of my colleagues. In this 3rd edition of the 2018-2019, the MiddSouth Innovates takes a look at a World History class creating campaign materials for Roman emperors using Piktochart and Animoto and ideas for helping the teacher share the decision making responsibilities with students as the classroom transitions to a student-centered learning environment.

MiddSouth Innovates 3

MiddSouth Innovates Issue #2 2018-2019

This school year is whizzing by. I can’t believe we are already halfway through November and Winter Break is so close you can see it on the horizon. I have been amazed at how many teachers are taking this year to add technology integration goals into their professional plans and innovating their classroom practices.

In this issue of the MiddSouth Innovates, we take a look at a Math teacher who is looking to  integrate more Social Media into her classroom, taking the first steps toward a student-centered learning environment by adding student choice assignments, and our October 3D printing challenge in the Media Center.

MiddSouth Innovates 2

A New Year, A New MiddSouth Innovates

I love the start of a new school year!

Everyone is optimistic about what is ahead of them, every dresses in the best clothes, and teachers can’t wait to try some new strategy they learned over the summer. Oh, and of course, the MiddSouth Innovates returns!!!

This is Issue #1 of the 2018-2019 school year. In every issue, we try to discuss a teaching strategy that uses technology and one that is more non-tech focused. In this issue we talk about mentimeter ( a great tool for getting students to interact in a digital environment and respond to teacher lessons/activities) and an interactive Periodic Table Activity from one of our newer teachers who is rapidly turning into a rockstar. Hope you enjoy and, as always, feedback is always appreciated!

MiddSouth Innovates 1

MiddSouth Innovates #14

This was the final MiddSouth Innovates for the 2017-2018 school year. I wanted to make sure my colleagues had things to consider before heading out on break so we talk various books for educators for all those days at the beach and ideas to start the school year off. Since we are nearly in August, make sure to check out those first days of school ideas like flipping your syllabus and get-to-know-you activities.

MiddSouth Innovates 14.png