Baby, you’re a firework

This week I decided to jump in on #coachchat on Twitter and I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelmingly positive responses that came to the topic of providing adequate playing time for all athletes.  In reality, I should not have been so surprised as I find most of the people on Twitter are progressive in their thinking and always have the students’ interest at the heart of everything they do.  But, there are so many stories of coaches who tear down kids that sometimes you forget they might just be the minority.

My coaching philosophy is simple: do your best at all times and have fun.  I don’t care about wins and loses as long as when the day is done you can say you did the best that you can.  My heart breaks when one of my fencers loses and then gives me a look that says “Sorry, I let you down because I lost.” I have one that is particularly hard on herself.  If you could win just on effort and heart, this girl would be undefeated.  But, unfortunately, that’s just not how things work.  Constantly I feed her constructive comments and remind her that it is not about the final result.

So, to all of the athletes, students, teens, teachers, everyone, anyone who feel like at that moment you are just not good enough, like the world is against you, that you will be nothing but average.  All I have to say is…

Baby, you’re a Firework!

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