Taking a giant leap

Remember how you when you were a kid, one of your friends (or a friend of a friend) managed to get himself a long piece of rope which you, of course, tied to a tree near the river or lake.  And then you and all of your friends took turns risking life and limb to swing out over the water which you knew was actually filled with jagged rocks that would smash your bones if you managed to fall in.

But now remember how exhilirated you were when your feet touched solid ground again?  I am somewhere between these 2 points.

One of the people I follow on Twitter, Josh Stumpenhorst (his blog is an absolute must read!), has decided to put together a lip dub.  For those unfamiliar with this growing phenomenon, here are two excellent examples:

But he is doing something a little bit different. Rather than using his students (I believe he is trying to organize a student lip dub in his school as well), he has put a call out to the educators in his PLN to submit videos which he will then edit together (similar to the second video).  He is an absolute master of video editing so this should be something amazing when it is all done.

This year as been about stepping outside my comfort zone so I signed up.  Josh decided to use Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.  If you want to get involved and submit your own video to the site, just use this link.  We all need to step outside our comfort zone every once in a while and try something we never thought we would do. 


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