Teacher Tech Tip

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about starting a Teacher Tech Tip of the week.  I have started to put out feelers to find out 1) if anyone has seen them and 2) if they are being used.  Wordle seems to be fairly popular around the humanities and I was glad to hear that several teachers have already been using it in the foreign languages and English classes.  The science teachers I talked to had read the tip, but never actually used it.  They did think it was an interesting idea.

As I was preparing for this week’s tip (more on that in a moment) I realized that I have never tried Wordle.  It never even occurred to me to try the very tip I was trying to encourage others to use.  Once I saw that
Wordle had the ability pull information from this blog, I knew I had to try it.  So, here is what was created:

Wordle: Pretty Good
Unbelievably easy to use.  I just kept clicking the randomize button until I got something I was happy with.  For some reason it is coming in blurry, but if you click the picture it will send you to Wordle’s site where it is clear.
This week’s tech tip was Animoto.  I am putting together something about Twitter this week and will post my final product next week.  Here is the Starter Sheet I used:


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