The first A in Awesome

Today my students took the AP Exam in Chemistry.  Every year since I started teaching AP, I provide breakfast for my students:  bagels, OJ, apple juice, granola bars, water, pop tarts, oranges.  The Chemistry exam is always in the morning and some of my students have lunch at the time when the exam is occurring.  I feel it is important to take a snack break in the middle of the exam to revitalize you and give a little boost for the next section.  I do this because I love the look on their faces when they walk in the classroom and see that I really did bring in food (why do they always think I am lying to them) and I love to hear how more upbeat their voices are as they talk over the simple meal.  Normally there are a number of thank you’s, but this year I got something different.  One of the students from the other AP class, that I don’t teach, asking one of my students “what’s with all the food?”  The reply stopped me:  “‘Cause Mr. Seigel’s Awesome!!”

So, I was thinking about this all day and I decided I needed to show my students Neil Pasricha’s TED Talk.  As I am watching it for the 3rd time, I realized that I need to start my own list of Awesome Things to turn to when I am having a rough day.  This will be an ongoing post and by the end of the year, I hope to have 100 things on this list. (In no particular order)

#1  Fresh Baked New York-Style Bagel
Now I will eat almost any bagel, but there is something about a New York-style bagel.  It’s crisp outside crunches perfectly as you bite into it and then the inside is warm and soft.  There is a place near my house which conveniently opens right before I pass it on my way into work and the bagels are coming out of the oven as I am ordering them.  Granted, the cream cheese gets liquified because it is so warm, but it is so worth it when you are licking it off your fingers later.

#2  The smell of my son’s head after a bath
I want to be clear that this is not the smell of the baby shampoo because we use something that absolutely has no odor to it when it is in the bottle.  There is just something about little babies and little children; they give off some sort of magical aroma that makes you want to love them more.  If someone could bottle that and sell it as perfume they would make a fortune.


1 thought on “The first A in Awesome

  1. CRS

    It's so weird (for anyone who cares, it's Dr. Bronner's baby formula) that it has no smell but their hair definitely has a soap smell. I guess it's just the smell of clean?

    How about roller coasters? A good cheesecake? Your mom's letters?



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