ISTE Conference part 2

So after an amazing first day, I was super excited for day 2 of ISTE.  I actually miscalculated how long it would take me to drive in and ended up getting to the PACC at 6:30!  Spent some time in the blogger’s lounge and wandered around for awhile before heading off to the Keynote for the day.

I was super excited to listen to Stephen Covey speak.  I misunderstood where the keynote was and stopped by the ISTE bookstore to purchase The Leader in Me just in case this was a small session where he would sign my book.  Well, not only was the keynote in a reception hall that is larger than some airports (and I am not exaggerating about this.  I’ve been to Burbank Airport and this room was definitely bigger), but Stephen Covey wasn’t even there!!  His speech was livestreamed in.  Complete disappointment number 1.  Then, he basically just went over the important points from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Maybe I built the event up so much in my head that I felt let down, but I heard other people commenting that they felt the same.  Here are some quotes that I wrote down.

  • leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they can see it in themselves.
  • Life life in crescendo
  • Treat a man as he is and you make him worse than he is. Treat a man as he has the potential to become and make him better than he is.–Goethe

The Flipped Classroom
Since the keynote ran long (and I even left early), it was a spirited walk to get to this session.  The room ended up being full 15 minutes before the session started so they ended up starting early.  I was one of the lucky ones to get a seat.  I was amazed at how many people were so interested in this new method of teaching.  Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams did an amazing job as always.  Since they were swamped with questions and keeping things on track, myself and Brian Bennett (who was not at the conference) actually monitored the Twitter backchannel.  Here are the important point about the Flipped Classroom:

  • Benefits:
    • Independent learners
      • provided guidance
    • Objective based
    • No gaps
    • fewer misconceptions
    • no place to hide
      • quiet kid has to talk to teacher
  • What it’s not
    • it’s not about the videos
    • not magic
    • not an excuse for poor teaching

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organized!
Fantastic panel discussion talking about Web 2.0 tools that can be used help keep a teacher organized.  Instead of listing all of the things I learned, here is the website that they put together and presented from.  Great information here and more links than I what I had written down.

Advanced Moodle–Michelle Moore

Loved the presenter!  She clearly loved what she does and was extremely knowledgeable about Moodle.  I would love for her to come to my district and convince them to not only use Moodle, but teacher the teachers how to use it properly.  The session was really about making your site not suck.  The basic message was that Moodle is not a traditional website, but a way to manage the learning in your classroom.  It can be made to look flashy, but is not meant for flashing things, spinning text and fancy fonts.  Provide good content that’s listed in a logical fashion and you will help your students improve their understanding of the content.

Later this week I will talk more about the people I have had a chance to meet.  Actually talking with someone right now (William King) about making “What a Newbie Learned at ISTE 2011” post.  Enjoy!


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