In an effort to go paperless

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near ready to go paperless.  While my notes, handouts, labs and even quizzes and tests are online, I still have those pesky lab reports that are needed to do in-class labs.  But I was reading about someone who was using Google Forms to have their students complete surveys and writing samples in class and it dawned on me that I should be using them to.  At the beginning of the year, I have my students complete the traditional index card with all of the pertinent info on it and then store that in a box in the room just in case I need to get to the info later.  So many times I have needed an email or phone number while at home and sure enough that card is sitting in my desk at school.

So I thought, “What if I took the info from the index card and turned it into a Google Form?”  Below is what I came up with.  Now, this is my first attempt at using Google Forms so please be kind in your comments.

As I was putting in my usual questions, I realized that the index card really limited how much information I could draw from the students on the first day so I added 4 more questions to my usual list (the last 4 on the form).  The only thing I need help with is testing it to make sure that 1) it works properly and 2) the spreadsheet that’s created is able to be sorted.  So, if you are reading this, PLEASE enter in some random information into the fields so I can play with this.

THANKS! Comments are encouraged.


2 thoughts on “In an effort to go paperless

  1. danichev

    Hi!! I just fell upon your blog! This seems like an interesting idea. Have you used it yet? I would be curious to know how it went. Also…I've been looking for your email. I found on another blog response that you use QR codes to do a scavenger hunt around your school. I would love to discuss this with you. I teach chemistry and I am always looking for new ways to incorporate technology. I am new to QR codes…considering how much I want to use them when this new school year starts. Have you ever used Poll Everywhere in your class?


  2. MSeigel

    Thanks for your comments. My email address should be in my profile now. I have not used Poll Everywhere but have plans to incorporate it this year. I am going to tell my students that cell phones will be called Personal Response Devices in my room and I expect them to be used for educational purposes on a regular basis. Send me an email about the QR codes and I will send you back a link to a great livebinder all about QR codes in the classroom. I am going to use them to link to videos on how to use different pieces of glassware. This way when a student can't remember, they just scan the code and watch the video. Hoping it will reduce the number of questions I get about lab procedures.



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