The ultimate question

I want to describe 2 things that happened today.

1.  My district is having a power struggle between the BOE and the administration (for once it is not with the teachers, but give it time since we didn’t settle the contract yet).  The interim principal was not renewed and the board decided not to hire a new principal yet.  To make matters worse, today was the first day that students could change their schedules for the fall.  Not a big deal since the counselors were in, but board policy states that  all schedule changes must be signed by the principal.  No principal so all students are stuck with what they have for the foreseeable future.

2.  I have been given permission to use my personal laptop in the classroom.  I asked to have the printer drivers installed on the laptop so I could print during the school day (not that bizarre of a request).  I was told the school doesn’t do that because I can’t print through the wireless network.  I said I would just use the ethernet cable and was told I am not supposed to do that; I cannot (meaning I shouldn’t have the physical ability) to unplug the cable from the desktop computer (apparently they get a lot of work requests for people who unplug it and can’t get it back in).  So, in order to print, I am supposed to put my files onto a flash drive, plug that into the desktop and then I can print.  Now, if I do that, I am liable to spread a potential virus onto the network, but if I print from my laptop, no virus could be spread.

So, the questions I have (and I know there is no real answer) are:  why do we put ridiculous policies into place in schools that seem to benefit no one and many of which hurt kids in the end?  Why is everyone looking out for themselves and not thinking of the big picture?  When will we finally realize we are all in this together, working toward a common goal?

I want to hang a sign on the front door of the school that says “Politics free zone.”


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