The right stuff

I don’t use my blog to push my personal agenda or try to sway anyone to use a particular product.  However, something happened today that I need to share.

I use a Tablet PC to teach, but my new room does not have a wireless projector.  I was faced with 2 options:  get a really long VGA cable so I can continue to be semi-mobile or find a program that will allow me to link my desktop to my laptop wirelessly.  Neither was a good option.  As I was searching the Internet I came across a device that allows you to link a laptop and VGA port wirelessly made by Warpia.  The reviews were good; the price was higher than I wanted to spend, but I ordered one anyway.

So the device comes last night, I hook it up to my TV and now I am looking at my computer on the TV.  Success!  My computer hibernates and when it comes back on, the device no longer works.  Failure.  I start contacting the company and I have to tell you that their customer service was terrible.  I called several times throughout the day and I received an error message every time.  Their FAQ were not helpful so I sent them an email describing my problems.  I told them that I was a teacher, that I was planning on using the device starting Tuesday and was extremely disappointed that this device failed so quickly.  I received back the following email:

Hi Marc,
We have the greatest respect for teachers and the service you provide.  We will be happy to process your return as an advanced replacement at no charge.  This will ensure you have your replacement device in time to use for your classes and allow us time to work out any other kinks should you need additional support.
Thank you for being a teacher!

While my initial experience with this company’s products was very poor, they more than made up for it.  I wholeheartedly endorse Warpia and will be purchasing other items through them in the future.


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