The contest

Well, the presentation went very well.  I have some choice remarks for the NJSC committee, but that is for a different post.  Let’s just say next time they shouldn’t tell me my presentation was for an hour, but then give me an hour and a half.  Didn’t really matter as the presentation went 2 hours.

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended for the fantastic questions.  I hope I was able to express how important it is to make the flipped class your own.  Simply adopting mine or Jon’s or Aaron’s methods will absolutely result in failure and frustration.  Make the method meaningful and centered around YOUR students and you will see how well they will adapt to it.

Since the presentation took so long, I totally forgot to raffle off the Camtasia Studio software (a $299 value!) TechSmith was nice enough to give me.  So, instead I am going to hold a contest on this blog.  Here are the rules:
1.  You must leave a comment related to your impressions of the flipped classroom.  Include your first name, last initial and what town and state you are teaching in.  Please also include whether you use a PC or a Mac.
2.  You must be a resident of the USA (sorry, international rates are too expensive).
3.  I will use a random number generator to select 2 viewers of the blog.  The winners will be posted on the blog on Monday, 10/17.
4.  The winners will be responsible for direct messaging me on Twitter with their email address so I can get the address to send the software to.

Good luck to everyone!  And winners need only be viewers of my blog; you did not have to be at the NJ Science Convention.


12 thoughts on “The contest

  1. Ms. Prince

    My impression of the flipped classroom is that it is an innovative way to provide learning and instruction to a variety of learners. It is not limited to just sharing videos, but rather flexible to integrating a variety of tools to gauge student interest and help students THROUGH the learning process.


  2. Scott MacClintic

    I have been using a flipped classroom for past two years in my Microbiology class and Genetics class and would never go back to more “traditional” model. Colleague and I team teach so the class time is even more productive. She flips her chem classes as well. I have blogged about my experiences here:
    Wish I could have been there in NJ.

    Scott M in Windsor, CT


  3. Anonymous

    I love the flipped classroom. My students like it as well! I have been using it in calculus this year. It allows me to correct student misunderstandings before they become bad habits.

    John T
    Fairfax Vermont


  4. John Venner

    Flipping Algebra I class at the 7th grade level, have been at it almost since the beginning of the year. I'm not the source of the material right now though, using everything and anything on the web (videos, activities, interactive web sites) to get the material/concepts delivered….I have three forms: Video Note Taking Guide (notes, comments, summary), Video Reflection (more along the lines of summarizing the ideas) and Web Site Reflection (topic, delivery, what did you learn)…this is the basis for their notebook and checked at the beginning of class. We start with discussions, student presentations and reviews…address questions about the “lesson” and eventually move into practice….very rough around the edges but so far so good


  5. Anonymous

    Thinking about flipping several of my high school math classes. I do this from time-to-time for a lesson or two, but I have yet to get into the swing of making it the norm. Looking for more great resources to pull from. Appreciate the words of wisdom!

    Amanda M
    Winston-Salem, NC


  6. loubrew

    I was at the presentation (Mac user in front row) and I enjoyed and appreciated your enthusiasm for the flipped classroom. I teach Chem concepts, Chem 1 (essentially CP) and AP at Westfield (NJ) HS. I recently started using the flipped approach (albeit imperfectly) for my unit on sig figs, scientific notation & dimensional analysis, units for which I usually find a large percentage of students complaining that they didn't know where to start with the homework. I'm intrigued by your ability to manage/juggle the multiple activities occurring in your room. Some of it would work for me, and some wouldn't (our laptops are dinosaurs that won't connect to the internet, so viewing the videos in the classroom would be a problem). I still have to learn to wean myself off of “checking homework” and going over the material in the front of the room (even as a “review” of the videos) and simply head into working groups. I am the first teacher in the department to delve into this model, and a lot of people are looking to me for the results. I will introduce more flipping into units as I go, and I would like to make it the majority of the units next year, so the resources you provided will help tremendously.

    Lou C


  7. James

    Doubters fail to realize that flip teaching isn't a means to
    “fix” education. It's a tool to free up time so that students can spend more time applying their knowledge and being creative.

    Emeryville, CA


  8. Mary

    I sooo wish I could have been at your presentation–I was with you in spirit! I'm glad it went so well. I am doing a modified flipped approach for AP Chem this year, I use PowerPoint presentations to get the initial notes to the students, not podcasts. They are responsible for the material before we get to the material in the class. I ask if there are questions about any of the material presented in the PPTs, address those and then we begin working on practice problems. They seem to like the approach and I definitely like it. I am hoping to continue to move in that directions so thanks for posting your Prezi–I will definitely be checking out the resources.


  9. Anonymous

    Enjoyed your presentation at NJSC. Haven't flipped yet but I'm more inclined now to do battle with the administration to give it a try. Thanks for the insight and the ammo!

    Mark M.
    Little Silver, NJ
    PC user


  10. Anonymous

    I am flipping 2 of my classes next semester, a Business Math and an Algebra/Trig. class. I've been setting up the Prezi,power point presentations and videos in the LMS. Now working on the classroom activities. Excited about trying this. Eager to see students reactions to the flip. Have great support and encouragement from Administration. Thanks for sharing you presentation.

    Sheila M.
    Bainbridge, GA
    PC user


  11. Todd Smeenge

    I loved the idea of the flipped classroom. I am struggling with 2 things as it regards my classes.

    1st how to best utilize a flipped classroom in Social Studies (both the how and how often). It seems to be best suited for math and science. Even Khan academy has limited SS material. This leads into my second struggle.

    2nd finding the time needed prepare these so to really do it well, I want to know my students are truly learning.

    Thanks for the presentation. love both the pros and cons.



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