And the winner is….

As you know, I was running a contest to see who would win a full version of Camtasia Studio.  The amazing people at TechSmith were nice enough to sponsor me at the NJSTA conference so I figured I would spread the word about their equally amazing products.

I received 12 comments on the post.  I put the numbers into and came up with the following:

I looked at the list of comments and the first number, luckily, corresponded with a comment of a Mac user.  So CONGRATULATIONS LOU C!!!  Here is the comment he left:

I was at the presentation (Mac user in front row) and I enjoyed and appreciated your enthusiasm for the flipped classroom. I teach Chem concepts, Chem 1 (essentially CP) and AP at Westfield (NJ) HS. I recently started using the flipped approach (albeit imperfectly) for my unit on sig figs, scientific notation & dimensional analysis, units for which I usually find a large percentage of students complaining that they didn’t know where to start with the homework. I’m intrigued by your ability to manage/juggle the multiple activities occurring in your room. Some of it would work for me, and some wouldn’t (our laptops are dinosaurs that won’t connect to the internet, so viewing the videos in the classroom would be a problem). I still have to learn to wean myself off of “checking homework” and going over the material in the front of the room (even as a “review” of the videos) and simply head into working groups. I am the first teacher in the department to delve into this model, and a lot of people are looking to me for the results. I will introduce more flipping into units as I go, and I would like to make it the majority of the units next year, so the resources you provided will help tremendously.
Lou C

The second number I pulled from was:

Which corresponded to the comment left by JOHN VENNER!!!
Flipping Algebra I class at the 7th grade level, have been at it almost since the beginning of the year. I’m not the source of the material right now though, using everything and anything on the web (videos, activities, interactive web sites) to get the material/concepts delivered….I have three forms: Video Note Taking Guide (notes, comments, summary), Video Reflection (more along the lines of summarizing the ideas) and Web Site Reflection (topic, delivery, what did you learn)…this is the basis for their notebook and checked at the beginning of class. We start with discussions, student presentations and reviews…address questions about the “lesson” and eventually move into practice….very rough around the edges but so far so good.

Congratulations again to John and Lou.  As I mentioned in my previous post, please either email me using the link in my profile or DM me on Twitter so I can get your mailing address.  Thank you to everyone for playing.  I am hoping to have more prizes again in the future.  


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