Want ad

I want to redesign the want ads that I see for school principals that I see in the paper.  Normally, under qualifications, you see phrases like:

  • experience in NCLB, grant writing, and school management
  • a master’s degree preferred
  • knowledge of current instructional practices and experience implementing on a whole school setting
  • Prior administrative and/or teaching experience at the elementary and/or secondary level preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership capability in the areas of curriculum and staff development.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Curriculum and staff development
  • Communication with community
  • Innovative Staff Evaluation Strategies
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • N.J. Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • Developing high performing teacher learning teams
While some of these are absolutely necessary, there are several really, really important ones that should be in every job description.  Why don’t you ever see:
  • Is an innovative educator who uses varied teaching techniques to maximize the potential of his/her students.
  • Understands that technology is a necessary tool for instruction and should be incorporated into every aspect of the school.
  • Inspires those around him/her to reach their potential and push themselves beyond.
  • Is a creative problem solver.
  • Has an open mind.
  • Provides his/her staff with as many resources as possible to maximize the learning for the students.
  • Is student oriented.
  • Understands that sometimes learning is messy.
  • Is supportive of the staff and assists parents and students who working through their problems with the teacher before calling the principal’s office.
  • Has a desire to foster a strong community relationship through the school’s website, blog, facebook page and twitter account.
  • Is willing to dare to fail.
While I absolutely agree that many from the first list are necessary for someone who is going to manage a program, I know that I don’t want to be managed.  I want a leader; I want to be inspired; I want to be given the chance to shine in my own way.  In reality, I want someone who is daring and makes me want to be daring too.

Am I asking too much?  Does this person really exist?

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