Element Wordle

I have no windows and a lot of white walls in my classroom.  I was sitting in my room staring at this blank space and suddenly Wordle popped into my head.  What if I created a Wordle of the elements and painted it on the wall?  I don’t know if the administration will allow it, but below is what I created on hall duty today.  What do you think?  Coolest Periodic Table ever!!


3 thoughts on “Element Wordle

  1. chemistrychris

    Great idea! How cool would it be to create a Wordle like this where the size reflects each element's natural abundance? Not that you'd able to read some of them, but a great visual nonetheless!


  2. MSeigel

    The other program for word clouds that is popular is Tagxedo and I know you can give different values for different words to change the sizes. That would be an interesting project to assign to a class to see what kind of word clouds they come up with. Thanks for the idea!



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