What can we do?

One of my students is fond of retweeting from @SayingsForGirls.  Today, the following came up:

I sat and stared at my computer for awhile trying to figure out how to respond to this.  I responded back to her with
Unfortunately she gave me a funny response which didn’t help.  But, the real problem still remains.  Teenage girls are sitting in class thinking about all of these other things, not what I am talking about.  We can put on the theatrics and fancy demos to try and draw their attention, but they are still spending more time thinking my room is too cold then how awesome it was to watch the death of a gummy bear.
So, amazing educators of the world, how do we get “I’m excited to be here” into the top 6 things teenagers are thinking about?  How do we get them to wake up in the morning and say “I am excited to go to school today!”

1 thought on “What can we do?

  1. Brian E. Bennett

    Hey Marc,
    Thanks for sharing this and for taking a proactive approach with this young lady. I think its a great way to ask kids what they think…what are your top 6 for school?

    I don't really have an answer at all, other than to keep trying and don't give up on those kids. They do hear us, but even more importantly, they watch us. Keep pushing, keep encouraging.

    I might ask my kids this as we finish up finals next week. I hope more people take a look at this and ask the same questions.



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