Life’s too short for hate

Since I encourage my students to follow me on Twitter to see the interesting things I am saying, I follow them as well if they follow me first.  As the school year approaches I am seeing more comments that look like this:

I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand why anyone would want to go back to school. Am I the only one nauseated by the thought? #ItsHell

Thinking of going to school in a week actually makes me sick

Now I know that students have been doing this basically since public school was invented.  The problem I see is that social media intensifies the problem.  Before it was 1 person in his/her room or maybe with a small group of friends complaining.  Now they are making a general post on FB or Twitter and 400 other “friends” are seeing, then liking it or commenting on it, and suddenly it is a misery party.  Others are jumping on there to share sob stories.

The worst part is school hasn’t even started!!  This is just what is going through their head; garbage that they are inventing with their imagination.  It could be the greatest year of their life coming and they think life is over.  Sure teenagers are melodramatic, but there is something else going on here.

I feel schools educators parents hell everyone needs to take advantage of opportunities like this.  Let’s nip this in the bud and do crazy, memorable things to start the year off every day!  Somewhere, every day, every student needs to find joy in school.  Teachers need to throw the curriculum out for 10 minutes and do an activity, lab, video, ANYTHING that keeps kids wanting to come back tomorrow to see what curve ball we are going to throw at them.

I love the following videos, and they will definitely make an appearance the first weeks of school, but what things do you do with your students to make them love being in school?


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