There’s always a need

When it comes to what’s in the best interest of the kids, there’s always a need.  In fact, as educators, we should go out of our way to make it a need.

Kids are hurting.  Families are struggling.  Schools need to be a beacon of strength and hope; the crutch and foundation that the community leans on in times of trouble.

When did that change?  When did the school stop being the center of the community?

The better question is:  How do we get that back?


1 thought on “There’s always a need

  1. K. Lanier

    some thoughts, no answer: Our one town-one school has helped. Not practical for everyone. But I do agree that the school can be the center of community. Even thought we have over 5000 kids at the high school it's still a “small town” feel. One way is to make sure each kid has a group of adults who know them and really care about them.



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