Be that guy

There’s at least one in every school.  The one who, when he speaks, people just stare at him dumbfounded.  Wait, no not THAT guy! This guy…
What does this guy do that others don’t?

  • Take risks?
  • Stand up and be himself when others prefer to blend in with the crowd?
  • Inspire others who are just as crazy as himself, but might be afraid to show it?
  • Not fear failure or ridicule?
  • Show others that yes, it can be done?
Maybe.  But, more importantly, he is just being himself.  He is passionate and enthusiastic for what he does, even if what he is doing seems ludicrous to others.
Schools need more people willing to be that guy.

1 thought on “Be that guy

  1. pbr

    Or Gal. Unfortunately, more often than not, it bites you. Our schools don't encourage that in their students or teachers. But wouldn't it be grand if they did.



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