Yes, Man!

Ok, inspiration comes from the oddest places sometimes.  I randomly heard Jumper by Third Eye Blind on Pandora which made me think of this scene from the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey.  The basis of the movie is that Jim Carrey gets convinced that in order to really change his life he has to say yes to EVERYTHING.  This means that he ends up going bungee jumping, taking flying lessons, learning Mandarin, and meeting the woman of his dreams.  

We talk in education about there being too many “Yes, men”; people who are only hired to agree with the boss and never contribute any meaningful ideas that are going to help move the program from Good to Great.
But maybe we actually do need more people to say “Yes, Man!”  People who are willing to try new things, to be the first to volunteer to pilot a new program, to say YES instead of maybe or that won’t work here.  There are so many changes going on in education now that if we are not willing to say YES to change we are in real danger of becoming irrelevant.  
[Spoiler Alert] As Jim Carrey learns in the movie, you need to weigh your options before outright saying yes.  But when he lived his life in fear of change, he was miserable and alone.  When he took that leap of faith and put himself out there, he found a far superior version of himself.
What is happening in your school that you are going to say YES to?

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