And the winner is…

So it has been a week since I made the announcement about the Wacom Bamboo Tablet giveaway.  I used a program called Rafflecopter to run everything.  Everyone who tweeted, made a comment, and followed me on Twitter received points based on their type of entry and the points have been tallied.

And I am very happy to announce that the winner is….

(I am trying to build suspense, but it is really hard to do in a blog post)

Katie Lanier!!!
Katie is an amazing Flipped Classroom Physics teacher from Texas (their football stadium holds more people than most college stadiums!!) who enjoys looking at tall buildings as she walks around Chicago and finding rare delicacies in 7-Eleven (like hard-boiled eggs).  You can congratulate Katie in a couple of weeks at the Flipped Classroom Conference in Minnesota where she will be presenting about De-mystifying Flipped Learning for Your Parents.
Thank you to everyone who left a comment.  I enjoyed reading everything you said.  If I had more to give, I would make sure every one of you got a Wacom Tablet too!!

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