My New Year’s Resolution

I stopped making resolutions a few years ago.  They were always the typical stupid ones like lose weight, eat out less, blah, blah, blah, but they never got finished.  In the end I never felt better or felt like I accomplished much.  When I changed my focus last year and made my goal not about me, but about doing something for someone else, it increased my motivation.  I worked harder, found people to help me accomplish my goal, and found much greater satisfaction at the end of the year when it was done.  Something else unexpected happened as well: I forgot about my resolution.  The work I was doing completely consumed my focus that I forgot why I was doing it and just concentrated on making it a success.

So, for 2014, here is what I am proposing:

  1. Something audacious.  It will not be related to Relay as that was my goal from last year.  I don’t know what it is, but it will probably have to do with TED Ed and Google Glass.  I will let it develop more.
  2. Get people recognized.  There are so many amazing things that are happening in my school and by my colleagues, and we don’t publicize it.  I think NCLB, standardized testing increases, and the general attack on the education profession has turned teachers into turtles.  We hide in our classrooms and don’t stick our heads out for the fear of what will happen to us.  That needs to end.  I work with teachers that have done Fulbright programs, day long PD at farms learning about nutrition and sustainability, completing PhD programs; and no one knows about it!!  That is going to change.  I am also expanding this to get students recognized.  There should be pictures of students working on projects popping up all over the Internet.  When you search for my school, you should see nothing but excellence on every link.
The thing about these goals is they are nothing that fantastic; they are things that we should be doing anyway.  So let’s git-r-done!!

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