A MHSS TED Ed Club recap

Several things have happened for the Middletown HS South TED Ed Club over the past month that I wanted to share with everyone.

1.  We are an OFFICIAL TED Ed Club!!  I sent in the application at the beginning of the month and received an email from TED congratulating us on our upgraded status.

2.  I happened to be on Twitter and I come across the announcement from TED Ed about the Official TED Ed Clubs.  I click the link to the blog and I find a picture of my students standing in my classroom!  Right before winter break, several of my club members and myself were interviewed by one of the TED Ed Club organizers about the work we have been doing.  I had no idea this was coming out and we were blown away by the blog post.

3.  On Sunday, I check my school email and find my principal forwarded me a message.  Then I read the following:

Hello Patrick!
My name is Drew Dudley, and a friend of mine forwarded me the following link about a project your TED-ED club undertook in response to my TED talk on everyday leadership:

Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled to hear that my short talk inspired a project like that, and I wanted to let Marc and the entire club know that I’m so impressed and honoured by their initiative!  It truly means the world to me to see anyone, particularly students, run with the “lollipop moment” idea like they did!

I’m fly in and out of Newark pretty regularly, and see you’re only about 35 miles away.  Any chance on my next trip to the area I could pop by and say thanks to the club in person?
Wishing all of you at Middletown South the very best!
I had no words.  The man who gave the TED Talk that inspired us to create our Thank You Walls was impressed by our work.  I replied to Drew’s email and he plans on visiting us before the school year is out.  What an honor it will be to have him come and visit with us.
I am so very proud of the our club and things we have accomplished this year.  I know the next 5 months will bring amazing things for us, the school and the community.

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