What are you teaching the world?

Take a minute and think about this question…

We don’t realize the impact we have on those around us.  Whether we mean to or not, we are sending a message to the world with our actions.

How do you enter a room?

  • Are you smiling, saying hi to everyone?
  • Are the first words out of your mouth something negative, cursing out whatever bad luck has befallen you that day?
  • Do you keep your eyes down and try to just slip in?
  • Do you quickly walk in, grab what you need and walk out?
  • Do you avoid any room that contains people?
Now that you are in the room, what messages are your actions and words sending?
Simple gestures and phrases can have a huge impact on those around us.  And the bigger problem is, people talk.  A lot.  They talk about the good and they talk about the bad.  Mostly they remember the bad and how it made them feel.
What you say and what you do teaches the world a lot about you.
What are you teaching the world?

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