If you’re a freak like me…

I have an unhealthy obsession with a number of things:

  1. Google–this is pretty much everything they do. I am obsessed with their products, their corporate philosophy, how they treat their employees, how they want to change the world, and the fact that they offer pretty much everything they create for free.
  2. The color green–it used to be just forest or hunter green, but a few years ago it turned to neon green and I have never looked back. I especially love the combination of neon green and black. I have a neon green tie, neon green shoelaces on my sneakers (which also are black and grey), neon green and black Google sunglasses (yes the obsession goes that far), a neon green doorstop for my classroom, and a neon green case for my Nexus 7.
  3. Chemistry–actually this is pretty much anything science, but my true love is chemistry. I have chemistry shirts, a chemistry clock, and even my wedding ring is pure Tungsten.
  4. The word Awesome–I try to include it in everything I do. My class hashtag is #chemisawesome, my quote board is #wordsofawesome, I have a shirt that just says AWESOME, and another one that warns that my awesomeness is contagious.
  5. Lists that have 5 things in them–it is not OCD. Five just seems like a nice number of things to have in a list. In fact, I added this just to make it to five things.
I grew up in the 90s in a time when you got ridiculed for standing out from the crowd. When I went to HS, you were either a jock or a geek and I was both. I hid my true self from everyone but my closest friends to not draw attention to myself.  Today’s world is one of the best times to grow up because you can flaunt your obsessions, your inner geekiness, and no one really cares because they are doing it too.
So, if you’re a freak like me, raise your flag. Wave that geek flag high in the air and be proud. Being a geek means you are passionate about something and there is nothing wrong with that.

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