The Parental Educator

I am a Parental Educator. I am an Educator who is a Parent, and a Parent who is an Educator. I am a person who feels that learning should have some element of enjoyment (fun) to it, whether it is in school or at home. I want my sons to know that I love my job and I have fun doing it, and I want my students to know that I teach when I go home at night.

Social media has done the job of blurring the lines between my professional and personal lives nicely. My sons ask every day to see my Instagram account to find out what the #wordsofawesome are for the day and what #chemisawesome activities we did. My students follow me on Instagram and regularly comment about my #seigelboys hashtag.

Sometimes it’s tough being the child of teachers…


Oh, and sometimes I take my work home with me.

And don’t believe that I do it all. My wife is also a Parental Educator…

I am a Parental Educator and my job is to make learning fun no matter where it happens!!

Thank you to Barry Saide for sharing the Parental Educator term with me and inspiring me to write this post!!


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