3 years and 500 posts

January 9, 2013. It starts with 1…2013-01-09 14.48.57 - Copy.jpg

The #wordsofawesome turned 3 this year. To be honest, I almost stopped. I had a completely different idea planned for the space that the whiteboard occupied. When I total social media that I was giving up the #wordsofawesome, a lot of people got upset. There was an outpouring of support. Friends are telling me how it gets them through the day; former students say that the words make them smile; there was even a security guard who was retiring and said that he was going to miss looking at the quotes as he made his rounds every day. But, it was my hallway neighbor who said I had to keep it. When we returned to school in September and I didn’t have my whiteboard in place, he told me he was disappointed. He said that he always stopped to read the words at some point during the day and would really miss them. Well, how could I deny my adoring fans?

In January of 2013, I stumbled across this video on Twitter:

I loved the idea of simply making people smile with a message they could read as they were passing by. Hallways of schools are really no different than roads in cities so it was like I was doing the same thing. Every day of school, part of my routine has been to write the #wordsofawesome on the board. This past January, I posted the 500th! It has been an amazing journey, which apparently has no end in sight.

I have done silly ones…

I have done serious ones…

I have done some in remembrance…

I have done some that I really wish I could forget…

I have done some that turned people on their heads…

I have even done some that have impressed me..

We even have other people doing their own #wordsofawesome boards!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me quotes, inspired me, and have just been along for the ride.

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