The Great EDU Care Package Exchange

Back in the fall, I happened to be scrolling through Facebook and I noticed that one of my educator friends posted about a care package he received from another FB friend we have in common. Friend 1, we’ll call him David, happened to mention about wanting to try a particular flavor of potato chip that they didn’t have in his area (California). It turned out that Friend 2, let’s call him Rolland, happened to have them near him in Canada so he sent David a package with a bunch of items in it.

When I saw this, I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if educators from all over the world sent care packages to each other?’ Thus began The Great EDU Care Package Exchange!!!

So, here is what we (Rolland and I) are looking for: Educators from around the world willing to ship something that represents their area of the world to someone else somewhere in the world. All volunteers need to fill out the Google Form below and we will pair you up. You then put together some sort of care package. It might contain non-perishable food, spirit items from your school, letters, pictures, whatever you want. Be Creative!!

When you receive your item(s) take a picture and tag me (@DaretoChem) or Rolland (@rchids) on Twitter. In a couple of months, I will write an update to this post showing some of the places the care packages have been sent. Thank you so much for volunteering and I hope you enjoy the items you receive!!


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