Recently, I ran into a former student who is currently finishing his 2nd year at a local college. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, he asked me if I was still using the Flipped Classroom. I responded that I was and then he thanked me. He said that at his college, the professors do not spend an entire class lecturing, but rather require students to ask questions and interact with each other. If he doesn’t make the effort to learn the material before coming to class, he cannot contribute and his grade suffers. He said that he absolutely hated my method while he was in my class, but it taught him to be more independent and he comes to class much better prepared.

Now, I don’t tell this story to show how awesome I am. Actually, the year he was with me, many things went very poorly and I have changed a lot. The point of sharing this is teaching is often a thankless job. Sometimes we forget that our impact might not be felt for a very long time. Every teacher needs to take a moment and remember that even if you only impact 1 student per year, that is one person who’s life is different/better/changed because of you. That is not something everyone in this world can say.


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