With Heart Wide Open

I love every one of my students. When they hurt, I hurt. It is both my greatest asset and greatest weakness as a teacher. I treat every student as if they are my own child. Do they make bad choices sometimes that gets me mad at them? Absolutely. But if they were in trouble, I would stop what I am doing to protect them.

This year has been especially tough on me. I can’t even describe for you the amount of tragedies that my students have been dealing with this year. My classroom is a safe place, and I tell that to them on the first days of school. Luckily, many don’t n
eed it, but those that do, realize it can be a sanctuary from the world outside those 4 walls. Unfortunately, all I really offer them is an open-mind, a tissue when necessary, and a little advice.IMG_20130124_090126

I wish I could give them a hug and tell them everything will be ok in the end. If I had a superpower it would be to pull that pain out of them so they would never have to feel it again. I wish there was some perfect phrase that, after they pour their heart out to me, I could say and make them realize that everything will be all right.

To all my students, both the ones that have their world crashing down around them and those that are carefree right now: Whether I am physically there or not, whether it is a Wednesday or a Sunday, April or August, 8am or 8pm, I am there for you. You are not alone, and you are loved.


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