Nothing Profound To See Here

I have a pile of unpublished, half-written blog posts that will never be seen by another person. When writing I typically have 1 of 2 problems. Either I 1) can’t figure out how to get started or 2) can’t come up with a great ending. Tons of great ideas; no solid way to make them appear on the screen.

Being a Chemistry nerd, me and the words don’t do so well. Occasionally, lightning strikes and something profound makes it on the page. More times than not, I run out of steam and just end with half a thought.

But, what I have realized in all of this blog posting stuff, is sometimes you just need to get the thoughts out there even if they don’t come in a nice, neat package.

So, dear reader, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I am going to be publishing more posts; some of them will be great, some will just be me getting my thoughts out there because sometimes it feels like the cup is full. I will do my best to have some sort of profound revelation. More often then not, they will just…


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