Short, concise, and to the point

I’ve mentioned before that I always have trouble finishing blog posts because I can never find that great ending. That one piece of advice that I want you to take away from my story. I have 16 drafts of posts from random ideas currently waiting for that amazing ending. But they aren’t getting finished. If I don’t complete the thought and hit PUBLISH, I’ve lost all momentum.

I starting listening to The Way I Heard It, a podcast by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame. The tagline is “The only podcast for the curious mind, with a short attention span.” And that was it! Not only was I hooked, but I figured out what my problem is. I expect too much of my writing.

So, posts here will be whatever pops in my head. Sometimes they will be long rants. Sometimes they will be random musings. Sometimes, they might just be a picture with a caption. Like I tell my students: be short, concise, and to the point with your ideas.


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