MiddSouth Innovates #13

The penultimate issue of MiddSouth Innovates. Side Note: I learned the word penultimate from the Lemony Snicket books when I was 31 and use it as often as I can.

I want to give a little background on this post. I was initially tapped to present with some colleagues about book talks at one of our end of the year PD sessions. The other people I was presenting with were all Edtechs, but they were former English teachers who had all done book talks in their classrooms. Being a Science teacher, I had no real understanding of what the objective of the book talk was. So, I started asking the English teachers in my building about how they use them and what purpose they served. Almost all of the teachers used it in the first week of class to help both themselves and their classmates get to know each other. Basically it was an informal way to measure the “soft skills” such as presentation and public speaking abilities.

As the teachers were describing their methods they often mentioned how they wanted a way for the students to dive a little deeper into the book to discuss things like plot and character development, or connections to other novels. That’s when I remembered hearing about Edcafes from Katrina Kennett. So I decided to give the teachers some food for thought at the end of the year about helping to make discussions about every novel, not just summer reading, more meaningful and more student-centered.

Oh, and we also talk about making podcasts for lessons. Enjoy!

MiddSouth Innovates 13


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