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Making My First Lightboard

I have tried using If This Then That (IFTTT) several times before and it always seems to fail me. Below is an example of one of those times. I setup an IFTTT to post here when a certain hashtag is used on my Instagram. Apparently, it doesn’t post the picture, just the text, and only in Drafts. I finally found a few minutes to update the blog so here is something from the summer.

So excited to finally get the glass for my light board! Found someone offering a free glass top to a table and I repurposed some LED lights from Ikea. Now I need to build the frame and figure out how to keep it upright.

For those who have never seen this, basically it is a whiteboard where you replace the whiteboard with a piece of glass. A webcam is is setup opposite the teacher to record the lesson and the video is flipped 180° in a video editing software.

The purpose of this is to help teachers make more dynamic instructional videos for their classes. Hopefully this will also help others want to make the leap into Flipping their classes.

Here is a video that explains this more.

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WordsofAwesome meets Raspberry Pi

About a year ago I had this idea of mounting a monitor outside my room instead of a whiteboard to post my #wordsofawesome on. I didn’t do it because I needed to hook the monitor to a computer and that require long cords, drills, and probably getting permission.

This monitor is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi and is running a @dakboard which is liked to my #wordsofawesome Google Photos album. Now I can update that folder at any time with new quotes and, because the computer will be attached to the back of this monitor, I can mount this monitor anywhere I have power. This will get mounted outside my classroom or office and everyone knows where to find me plus get daily inspiration.
The original project can be found at dakboard.com/blog/diy-wall-display/